Monday, March 11, 2019

Drinks Break, Model Town, Delhi Review

Drinks Break, Model Town, Delhi Review

Located in model town phase II in front of Mcdonalds, model town. The place is small but is visible. There is almost no place to sit, except for a few small chairs. The ambience is cricket oriented with vintage cricket photos all over their walls and two cricket bats on their ceiling.
The real winner is food here.

The delicacies we ordered were:

1. Kit Kat Waffle

It was incredible, the waffle was baked to perfection, the layer of Kit Kat chocolate was delicious. Vanilla ice cream served along was good. The taste of these things together was heavenly.

2. DB Tandoori Burger

The cheapest burger here and the best one too. The taste was unique. It was filled with, I think, tandoori sauce, it tasted pretty good.

3. Kit Kat Shake

KitKat seems to be their speciality. It was smooth, it was thick, it was crunchy, it was sumptuous. Must try!!

4. Blueberry Shake

Not good enough, the flavour of blueberry was missing and the thickness was not up to the mark.

5. Cheese Fries 

Potato fries with layer of cheese on them. Not very tasty, quantity is less. Simple fries with salt are better. Cheese with fries is a sorry attempt at making the classic fries better.

That was my experience with the Drinks Break, Model Town, Delhi. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below if you have already been to the place.

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