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Themis Barbecue House, Netaji Subash Place, New Delhi Review

Themis Barbecue House, Netaji Subash Place, New Delhi Review

Themis Barbecue House is one of the most recommended place to have a buffet in New Delhi. The ambience was good. 2 big LCD's showing live matches, live music sung by their guy. Seats were comfy. We ordered 1 veg buffet and 3 non veg buffet. We had already booked our table 1 day before{recommended}.

 My review will be in 3 parts

The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:

Let's start with starters.

Dakshani Paneer Tikka: 

It was unique in taste, different than any other paneer tikka tasted before. Must try.

TBH Grilled Pineapple:

They were quirky in their taste, the sweet of pineapple and the tangy because of flavours.

Crunchy corn:

They were yummy. Fried corn with black pepper, they can't mess with it.

Main course:

I really liked Dal Makhani, Mix Vegetable and Rajma Masala.
Paneer butter masala also tasted good.
This was a better main course meal than Barbeque Nation.


The desserts trump Barbeque Nation single handedly. Excellent taste, sweet and fresh.
Gulab Jamun were hot and sweet.
Moong Dal Ka Halwa was incredible.
Hot Nut Brownie is a must try here, it was hot, it was chocolaty, it was worth remembering.
Jelly Belly were good.
Red velvet cake was exquisite.
Fruit salad was good.

The bad:

Tbh Special Pizza:

You can't make a pizza's base worse, it was harder than a brick.

Akbari Khumb Saslic:

They tasted like tikki with sauces all over them. Not sure what they were and what were they trying to do with them.

Hakka with Star Fried Noodles: 

Simply not good

Gulabo Kheer (sugar free): 

Don't touch it.

Non Veg:

I didn't eat non veg but my friends did. So I am gonna tell what they felt.
The non veg snacks were underwhelming. Barbeque nation's snacks trump them hands down.
The non veg pizza was again horrible.
The only thing they liked was perhaps Angara Murgh Tikka.
Both the veg and non veg soups were not touched by any of us.
The service by these guys was not particularly very good. Some of their staff was incompetent according to their ratings and reputation.

The ugly:

Non veg main course. My friends who bought non veg buffet were eating veg main course. They didn't even touched any of the items available in non veg main course. As We opened the covers of the non veg main course containers, couldn't see anything other than gravy. Disappointed to say the least.

Then the most disgusting thing was the washroom. I complained to them about it 2-3 times. Their washroom gate had a big slit between them. You could see the inside from the outside. You can't have you privacy in their washroom, where you most expect it.

That was my experience with the Themis Barbecue House, Netaji Subash Place, New Delhi. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below if you have already been to the place.

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