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Barbeque Nation, New Delhi Review

Barbeque Nation, New Delhi Review
Barbeque Nation, New Delhi Review

Barbeque Nation is one of the few places in Delhi where you can eat unlimited food at really affordable prices. Price for buffet differs from meal to meal and from working days to weekends and vegetarian / non-vegetarian. This blog describes the veg buffet.

1. Starters
Starters by Barbeque Nation, New Delhi

Veg starters along with live grill are the first thing served, take your time to test every single starter brought to you at your table plus you get a single free beverage. Choose it wisely (try to save it till the last ! you won't get a refill), Creamy Potatoes, Paneer Tikka, Crispy Corn all of these taste relly good. The live grill contains my favourite Khatta Meetha Pineapple as the name suggests this is a grilled hot pineapple with applied masala! You can order yourself some french fries if the variety still does not satisfy you. Being honest after getting my stomach 90 % full, I realised the widespread buffet of the main course.

2. Main Course
Main Course by Barbeque Nation, New Delhi

The curries were average tasting, I had high expectations with dal makhani and paneer, but both of the dishes let me down. Crispy hot buttered breeds are served on the table all of it. I was full up to the topmost inch of my stomach but desserts need no space. None of the desert is disappointing, leaving behind the dry cakes. Best of them being seasonal halwa, brownie with ice cream and gulab jamun.
Lastly fresh fruits to Detox the junk you have had consumed. And don't miss the Kulfi, best part about kulfi is that it is less sweet, I personally have tasted all the flavours and dislike none. Overall the visit is worth a experience.

Tip- Visit the place in free time and skip a meal before visiting the place.
That was my experience with the Barbeque Nation, New Delhi. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below if you have already been to the place.

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